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Team Enterprise: Chekov
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Sorry for the lack of activity lately. I’ve been busy with work and then I got sick (blaaah). Hopefully I’ll be feeling a lot better tomorrow to come online and get to replies.
Thanks for your patience!

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Yellow Mountains, Anhui, China

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gentle reminders:

  • i will never force my ships on you
  • i love unrequited shit
  • you are so fuckin allowed to hurt my muse okay there is no limit
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Venom battles Spider-Man by Dexter Soy.

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      "——Last time I saw you, you stole my cookie."

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— “That is true.” Wren agreed with a quick laugh. “I’ve seen many kids get in trouble for climbing on shelves.” She smiled and looked at him. “Hey, that’s all right. You’ve got places to be. I need to get home myself.” She admitted with a shrug. “Have a good one then?” Wren asked before heading to the check out. She paid for her items and collected the two plastic sacks before making her way out of the store. 

      A soft laugh left Peter’s lips and he gave a slight nod in agreement.
      “Yeah, yeah, you too. It was nice meeting you.” He offered another smile before heading in his own direction. He just needed to grab a couple more things and he was out of there.
       Once Peter paid for the items he walked out of the store. He caught a quick glimpse of Wren as she walked down the opposite direction he was headed. A part of him was slightly alarmed. After all, it was dark out and New York wasn’t exactly the safest city. Maybe it was just his imagination, or maybe his spider-sense, but he had a bad feeling. 
       He was still debating with himself when he glanced in her direction again and noticed a few shadows. Or had that just been a trick of his eyes? No…someone was lurking in the shadows…watching her? Someone else?
Peter looked around him before deciding the coast was clear and made his way to the alley beside the store. There he set the bags of groceries behind a few boxes and began to quickly remove his clothes to reveal the Spider-Man costume. He slipped on the masked, then climbed the walls to begin follow above on the rooftops.

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Chibi Spider-Man is Chibi

by~ LKiKAi

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                    Very funny, Parker. She spat, not minding that she used his name; his real identity behind the mask. Well, it wasn’t any better that she was trying to provoke the young hero. I know how to use a laptop. Just not… not too advanced things you need to know about a laptop.  Steph was embarrassed —- - God, he didn’t need to point it out anyway. I know. I just want to make sure that everyone’s alright. The woman cleared her throat, slinging the shield on her back as she turned her heel, staring up at the other hero. —- how uncomfortable is your mask, by the way?  


      Peter looked around him, alarmed, then looked back at Steph. “Shh, keep it down, will ya?” The last thing he needed was the wrong ears figuring out Spider-Man’s real identity. If his enemies, or just anyone for that matter, knew who he was…who knew what could happen. And not so much to him because at least he had the means to fight, but what about Aunt May? Or his friends?
      “As for the laptop matter,” he continued, his amused smile back, though unknown to the woman. “Don’t be afraid of it. It’s more afraid of you than you are of it.” He continued to joke, unable to help himself, though he knew he should probably can it. “Well, you’re welcomed to observe with me. It’s been pretty quiet so far though.” He rolled his shoulders in a shrug, then frowned and tilted his head slightly at the question.

      "My mask?" He repeated, perplexed. "Uh—-Well, it can get uncomfortable. Not to mention it can be a bit hard to breathe at times, specially on hot days. But it isn’t the most uncomfortable part of the costume, that’s for sure.” No, the most uncomfortable part had to be downstairs, for sure. “How heavy is your shield?” Peter asked, wondering if they were getting into complaints about their attires.

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